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Masking a Mask

masking a mask

“Good & Bad Page Layout”


1. Identify a prominent technique or principle of the positive example that makes it work well, according to the checklist.

The repetition of the fish creates movement throughout the page layout creating a beginning and end for the reader to follow,

Also the way the text at the bottom right is slanted for the picture shows great alignment of text.

Overall the page has great balanced, color scheme and text layout.

2. Identify a prominent technique or principle of the negative example that makes it fail, according to the checklist.

I feel the way the placement of text is laid out in the article doesnt use all the space of the txt page making it seem wrong, plus the picture is over lying where the cursor would be destroying the picture and balance of the page. Also the title and text placed on top of the house does not create enough contrast for the title to stand out.

The page next to it “uppercase” is considered a negative example because the message it not clear to the audience.

Ch. on Logos


Logos by Robin Williams

“Have a unique personality that people will not only notice, but remember.”

In taking this class I am noticing that I can think visually the challenge is “condense it into its simplest and most effective form”. This can be found through contrast.

Also I have realized text is very important because type is an art form in creating logos. I like logos from companies that create a unique combination with type.

{“ Image Prevalence.”}

Design, Politics, and Branding. (“ Image Prevalence.”}

Why do you think the reproduction of image is so prevalent in the world today?

I think it is so prevalent in the world today because artist have said that we have been through so many movements of art that now its not about if you can become an artist but be creative with the art that has already passed. Also with this fast growth of media and technology images or logos are used on a daily basis seen everywhere which is why they are viewed as a necessity in this “marketing era”.

2. What do you think this prevalence bodes for the future of graphic design and your place in it?

I think this prevalence for images in the future will lead graphic design into logos mixing past movements. In the future I would like to collaborate with someone in the future to make a movement of “image prevalence” known throughout the world I think it would be amazing if a majority of the people notice my creativity collaborated with someone else.

3. Why do you think the John McCain drive for the presidency failed to use the Internet (or failed to use it effectively) as a means of communication with voters?

During Obama’s election I hardly used the computer. I heard about the election through my government class since it was my last year of high school. I had no means to go on the internet staying focused with school and not wanting to have a facebook or MySpace to distract me from my studies but all of my friends knew about and were supporting Obama. I had no idea why everyone loved Obama at my age. It wasn’t until I was watching television toward the end of the election that the news was commenting on one of Obama’s videos he put on the internet and how it was appealing to the younger generation which is why they thought he would win the election.

From what I know I believe McCain’s drive for presidency failed because he was not being marketed on the internet at the right angle. Obama went for change and used that theme throughout all sources of communication through the internet videos, websites etc. McCain did not have a logo or theme like Obama which is the key to communicating throughout the internet. The youth do not read paragraphs or find print on the internet but words that grab there attention like logos or “image prevalence”.

“No Longer About Copyright” HW


No Longer About Copyright

I agree with the article when it says that its now about who ”can generate ad revenue based on what the demographic of people who read your blog would like. It no longer becomes a question of copyright—exclusivity—but one of exposure—notoriety—that brings revenue and broader forms of recognition. It’s one of the ways Content Management Sites (CMS), like WordPress, Blogger, and MySpace are changing the way people communicate and businesses advertise via the Internet.

I like how the reading said “but in the information age, it’s really all about marketing.” Because the facebook founder keeps using the quote its all about making it easier for people to access “information” when I really think its all about marketing, such as advertisements of companies peoples relationships. For example advertising the way we feel every minute of every day is getting people addicted.

Bookmaking for Fun and Profit

I think this site is really interesting and a great idea. My friends mom wanted me to be the illustrator for one of her books and we though that we would have to wait for the future but with this site we could design the book right now.

scott-campbell (HW)

Find and post image examples

The theme of things being “thin” relates to all design treatments such as computer monitors, ipods, supermodels, appliances, architecture. This is also seen by how culture went from VHS to DVDs or tapes to CD’s. Not only is it emulated in cell phones but also with television screens. The more thin an object is the more people believe it produces better technology.





Tinting a Scan


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